Wireless Access for Staff

Staff using school devices should automatically connect to the following WiFI connections:

      • School-Secure
      • CCA-Secure
      • Leona1

Staff using personal devices MUST connect to the School Guest or CCA Guest.

      • Staff can request an account created directly from the office, admin or tech.
      • For questions, see Mr. Goodwin or email AGF.

Wireless Access for STUDENTS

Students using school owned devices should always be connected to the Secure Wireless. If using a Chromebook, then it must connect to Leona Chrome.

Students can request a guest account. The office can generate these accounts but administration or tech needs to approve them beforehand.

See Mr. Goodwin, or email AGF for approval.

Wireless Access for Visitors

Visitors MUST sign in at the main office and they can request a Wireless Access Code from them.

Connecting your personal device to the Secure Wireless without proper authorization could result in your device getting blocked from all CCA network ACCESS (SECURE & GUEST).


Creating a WiFi Guest Code.pdf